Berat Uygur Evi

BU House

Berat Uygur
Berat Uygur Evi
Sahilevleri, İzmir
Interior Design


A house in the gulf
Technical Information :
Building land area: 400 m ²
Housing area: 90 m ²
Total area : 200 m ²

It is situated by the houses still used at few numbers as a summer resort on a point deserted of the gulf inside lemon trees by the edge of a small sands the waves hit.

‘’To design a residance two storied by the seaside , this much inside İzmir but that much outside Izmir. B.U. House is a Project that respond to all the vital enjoyments and needs on its owner’ 30s who has been to many places of the world with the reason of business and private business and a Project there has been set off together with the dream of designing a house ,which is not only residance that a sea and only an old beach seperate in a 250 m ² parcel.

The main question of the Project process was whether a summer resort house or an urban house was to being designed. The environmental building tisue was as the medlay of the cooperative summer house of 1980s. We presumed that there was not a silhouette which was not needed to adjust with the environment. The residance tissue by the seaside around Izmir was showing the design traits of heavily post-modern, neo-classical and sometimes art-deco. We decided to build a modern residance as we found all these kind of residances away from function and eschetic. We wanted to create a quite transparent residance manufactured with natural materials, not excluding its environment and not carrying many eclectical ornament. The house we would create was to functionally be a urban house. We would encourage the users to participate and enable them to participate in the building interior designs. After making this decision, we started the studies of design and we completed the design in a short time as 1 month. All the projects were ready 20 days after taking prelimanry Project studies. While the salon and main bedroom cuddle the sunset of Izmir, the hot and burning morning sun is curtained on rear front. To be purified from all the loads of the modern life, there are the ground floor set into an elastic plan, half-opened kitchen taking the daylight from the ceiling, saloon, living room, library and guest bedroom.
There are the main bedroom, which is as big as saloon, 1 guest bedroom, changing room and guest bathroom and shower on the first floor, and also

1. Floor oversee the sea with a wide terrace.

All the house arise on a steel structure.

The horizontal stressed stripes, the common usage of wood, rustproof and glass are the once more commenting of modern architecture in coastal houses.

The steel improvement Project is prepared and applied for all the bulding by ramaining true to the essance of the building and after all the outher front, interior decoration and the regulations of the garden has been completed.

All this studies was completed in period as 8 months and the house was brought to the order to live. The front of the building has been manufactured completely with glass and its front is covered with the natural wooden material. And also, all the covers of ground floor and balcony has been made with the marble supplied from the marble quarry around Izmir. For the interior vertical circulation, chromium structure and steps covered with wood has been used. The kitchen bench makes it possible to be studied on it and to eat on it by turning toward the saloon. All the furnitures in the house has been bought from Mudo Concept and FY Mobilya. The tables used in housed has been ordered from the street painters and sculptors in Thailand and Philiphens. The light window on the ceiling in the kitchen continues along the kitchen bench and provide a continual lightining even if it does not be exposed directly to sunlight. While the black and white is the main colour of Kitchen entry hall, the wooden pastel tones has been prefered in the livingroom. A venetian blind glass window has been prefered so that the sea can be seen from the wide jacuzzi of the bathroom bound to main bedroom. A view has been provided by creating the difference of Kot. All the barnisters of the balcony is manufactured by the glass. The curtain is not used to strengten the idea of transperancy in the house.

Enlightment members : Arfa Aydınlatma
Furnitures : Koleksiyon Mobilya, Mudo Consept, FY Mobilya
Tables and statues : From the countries of the far-east
Kitchen: Franke and Bosch
Marbles : Mermertay
Rustproof front covers and stairs : Agean chromium
Front Works : Grup Yapı Aliminyum Ltd. Sti.