Four Seasons Hotel Çikolata Butik

Four Seasons Chocolate Shop

Astay Gayrimenkul
Four Seasons Hotel Çikolata Butik
Beşiktaş, İstanbul
Interior Design


Four Seasons Chocolate Shop

BRN developed its design concept around global Architectural trends inspired from regional architectural tradition which has resulted in a sophisticated Chocolate Shop that successfully represents the Four Seasons brand, as well as the local environment.

Chocolate By Four Seasons Hotels Bosphorus was designed to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements. The client asked BRN to create a space that would represent high quality butique chocolates created by Four Seasons’ mastery. The result is Spectacular, jewelery shop inspired design, with glass island show cases combined with premium touch of covered wood and special designed wooden cooler units.

Chocolate By Four Seasons Hotels Bosphorus is a design synthesis of east and west which referencing the western tastes of chocolate met with oriental flavors of Mısır Bazaar which is served in this shop as well as its awesome Bosphorus location. The design of this chocolate shop is drawing inspiration from the rich artistic and cultural heritage of İstanbul while, in equal measure, reflecting the lifestyles and expectations of international hotel guests today.

The project includes two different parts. One part is Shop Area which is located at the ground Floor level of Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel near by the famous jewelery brands shops. It has an island show case in the middle of the shop which perpendicular displays located at the edges. Also a wellcome desk located infront of the entrance behind the island showcase. Opposite edge of the perpendacular showcasesi an artistic wall has designed which has painting represents Istanbul Life on it.

Second Part includes three seperated spaces. All three spaces located in the basement floor of the hotel. Gurme Shop has planned to sell the pre-packaged chocolates to the retail costumers of the hotel. The facade of the Gurme Shop was designed with brass framed transparent glass to show the multi storey shelves. The workshop atelier and the gurme shop both have seperated with a red glass wall express the feeling of the desire of the chocolate. In the workshop atelier, two island show cases wellcomes and behind them an art wall designed with the combination of different texured hexagon Madlen chocolates gheometry. The right side of the ateiler is tasting area which is surrounded by demi classical wooden displays. An ottoman “talisman war caftan (robe) painting” is placing in the middle of these displays. On the left side of the gheometric wall, kitchen is placed to produce chocolate. Five bar chairs are located in front of the kitchen area with a seperation of 110 cm desk to allow chocolate cooking lessons for the workshop groups.