Otomatik Otopark Projesi

İzmir Automatic Autopark Project

İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi
Otomatik Otopark Projesi
Alsancak , İstanbul
Architectural Project

The Building Without Human

Izmır metropolitan minucipality have made a planning with the aim of a modern autopark Project work meeting the need of autopark of Alsancak and its environment in the area of 938 m2 situated across the Alsancak Hocazade Mosque on the Sair Esref Street.The full automatical autopark Project to be manufactured in a parcel belonging to Izmir metropolitan minucipality will be the highest and all steel building of Izmir with 11 variable heights on floor plain. The storing of the automobiles with automationed lifting systems in building. The all area of parking lot for 380 vehicles will be manufactured suitable to the paking of the vehicles of the handicapped.

Automatic autopark building is prejected suitable to the concept of sustainable gren building. The criterie being gren of the sustainable building must be evaluated as regards with lifecycle. For a bulding to be counted as gren, during the lifecycle of that building, from its projecting t o the collapsing, It must decrease the environmantal harms to the lest, must use the resources of the next generations at the lest level, must be in the quality to increase the quality of human life.
In the autopark Project, the energy spent during construction called the grey energy in the process of produce will be so less according to a concrete building. All the building will be produced with the materials with low emition according to gren building criterias.The energy spending during transporting will be minimized by picking out the materials from local materials and providers. Building will minimize the energy spent on transportation, as it will be situated in the most central position, in center of Underground station, bus stops and pedestrian transportation. The building is designed from the materials which can be re-used. And its all materials like all constructions and front covers will pass through the process of rcycling after finishing its lifetime.

The building has been designed in a way to take the maximum effeciency of the sunlight by means of the enlightment and climatization systems directed by automation systems. And also It excretes lest emition and greenhouses gasses by spending minimum energy with the advantage extra isolated outher front has provided by not making cilmatization in the autopark floors. The automobiles reached by the automationed lifting system to all the floors as different from a normal autopark building dont make the emition of the exhaust gasses to the nature and enable the level of exposure to chemical and dangerous particul of the building inhabitants to decrease to minimum levels. Building is a gren and intelligent building with decreasing the exhaust consume, with the constribution of decreasing the central traffic , with the possibility of being close to transportation web and with the being in a point to be reached easily and also with the contribution of mechanic and automation systems.
The parameters such as the ratio of the composit panel and reflective glass used in the front, the hot climate of the Izmir, the perceptibility of autopark systems from outside, the convenience to the city tissue has been defined as a result of the relation of the building with the neighbour buildings.