Pelit Esenyurt Fabrika Binası

Pelit Factory Building

Pelit Pastacılık ve Gıda A.Ş.
Pelit Fabrika
Esenyurt, İstanbul
Architectural Project


Pelit Pastry and Nourishment A.Ş.Esenyurt Factory Building/h2>

Interior Architectural Design

Y.Architect Baran Uyan/h4>

While the design of the Pastane, Restaurant places and Lobi that is situated in the entry floor of the factory building. We have aimed an effective and comfortable design independent from time for the Petit Brand for 55 years that has been created with the global, modern, confident and qualitied lines. We have requested to create the suitable comfort standarts and put it in the service of the user by personalizing the ownership the perception of the brand create. The being understood of the company culture of the firm was very important in the process of the interior decoration Project being prepared. A building at the bigness of 65,000.00 m2, that plenty of produces has been carried out with different producing technics on every floor was being planned. The process of the preperations of exact architecture and interior architecture of the building that the wokers more than 1000 work with a high rhythm every day, that 150 to 200 students visit everyday, the retail selling was made to 300 to 500 poeple daily, that tons of raw materials had entered and tons of finished product had been dispatched, would be directed. Therefore, by carrying almost half work labor of our Office to Pelit Factory Building during around 2 ,5 years, we had sustained the Project produce and Project management in its place. It presented us the possibilities to get the clues of its ownership and the clues of the perception of the brand’s own customer along with knowing the institutional culture. We as a team took pains of calculating all the expenditures of the design by using our knowledges and intuitions.

While Pastary shop , restaurant, and lobby was being designed, that all these three facilities were in the entry of the producing facility would cause a certain spatical responsibilities. Therefore, in this point, we prepared and applied the architectural design in a way providing as the widest frontal openness as possible.

With the reason of the pelit to be a Istanbul brand and to be the oldest brand in the pastry and chcocolate sector and the perception of the product-customer, we have adopted the essance of the feminen and warm place connected to its roots, to be contemporary, modern and reformist with the reason of it to have the quality of the products it has produced, the Pioneer of many innovation in the sector and the contemporary producing techniques and equipments. Istanbul is situated on a wealthy, cultural and historical heritage. It has been inevitable to keep the stripes belonging to the heritage on which there is also a 55 years-old brand belonging to Istanbul on its every bends. In conclusion, we must have been featuring the perception of brand, strong ideas and must have been presenting creative designs new and effective solutions for the 55 years old Pelit brand. We have worked with Painter Ismail Acar signed many designs fort he name of Pelit, in order to maintain this process together. The Picture billboard adorning especially the entry place, the pomegranate table in the pastry department and the mirror adorns on column covered with lake in the restourant department has been designed and applied specially by Ismail Acar. The first layer on the drawing billboard at the entry is a circular application for 360 degree of re-commented by an Italian travller on 16. centuary of Istanbul panorama. The seccond layer includes all the sybols of the modern Istanbul. The third and last layes is the ramparts of the Istanbul. The second and last layers rotate with a mechanism clockwise and counterclockwise. The metaporical meaning that the Painter have attributed is that Pelit includes an historical and cultural heritage as much as Istanbul in first layer, that It is deep and solid also in the meaning of culture along with being new and ardent as Istanbul in second layer and , that it is as strong as Istanbul rampart in last layer. It has been stressed the independence of the place from time with the mechanism turning oppositely.

We had planned plain and light design in order t oto give transparancy and cleanness in inner place as a Project staff. We had used the lines connected to its roots in some point of the design as being faced to the perception of the customer while we were stressing the institutional identy. We aimed the compatibility seperately or together in a best way to mirror the brand perception of independent elements such as geometry, material, tissue, accessory, color, when interrior decoration being looked at closely. Every component must have been meaningful and beautiful singularly, When the parts of image reflecting into our eyes in the point you look and we mention. When they came together, they must have generated armonic brand identity including the ballance, integrity and visual persistence.

We have used a Burdur beige marble in the tone of light cream , the selection of which was made in every three place. All the column and wall covers is manufactured as a cream-colourd lace. The cream color tones has been prefered to generate the sensation of sincere and with regards to hygienic stress. Lace covers have been used with the bright cream glass covers for providing the contribuition of spatical depth of surface tissue and the light effect. The mirrors have been used as a component of adorn in pastry shop and restaurant. In lobby entrance, there are remarkable lineer geometrical ceiling enlightment, a chandelier, the design of which was made by myself, manufactured with 120.000 Swarosvski Stone. And again underneath that there is entrance information bank manufactured with a ground glass desk set on the glass tubes I manufactured myself. The oriental motive on the marble in front of this bank was made by Ismail Acar. Same motive has been used in the liftings of the building for the celing enlightment. Plenty of temperated and laminated glass on interior covers and mobilized furnitures for the transperancy and cleanness. The engraved tables in restourant and the exhibition tables are designed by me. The glass tube enlightments like lacework on the ceiling of pastry shop and restaurant designed for specially for the firm . The lobby stairs and its barnisters with a rustproof cover on a steel frame is manufactured with glass. Mezzanine floor child place and 1. Floor Office volumes are reached by means of a bridge that a steel platform generate. This bridge and the big lobby galery make live the sensation of spatial depth with the cut and continuity of the light designed for big glass exhibition wall at back.

İf needed to give some information about building.

While reflecting the brand perception for 55 years of Pelit, the supply of the produce with the lest emition as much as possible to our world , whose resources is running out, and able to respond to the renovated needs of the users.
The building is directed by using many otomation system with building technology. Enlightment elements and the climatization elements is directed from a single center. These systems seconded with active and passive energy saving methods has been decreasing the cost of operation and also has been increasing the sesivity power of the environment of the building. And also the rain and waste water is beeing used in the system of rubbish management by being purified.