Pelit Vip Salonu

Pelit VIP Saloon

Pelit Pastacılık ve Gıda A.Ş.
Pelit Vip Salonu
Esenyurt, İstanbul
Interior Design

The VIP Saloon which is located at the Pelit Patisserie Esenyurt factory building, is designed as a special place for meeting of factory management board members at a minimum confort level and hostaging of foreign and national customers. The interior arthitecture character of this saloon is represented with a classic style which is different than rest of the building. The wall panels are made of antique lacquer in interior decoration. The marcutery coated solid table has 13.5 m length and 2.80 width. The design is made by baran uyan. The ovoid dome inner side, the painting at the back side of dining table is the applications of Artist İsmail Acar. Besides the furtiture is designed by Carl Vercauteren- Aslı Tunca. The lighthening textures and chandeliers are designed by Baran Uyan –İsmail Acar. These are manufactered by Ozartas Avize.